Over my 25 year career I have always been responsible for business growth i.e. sales, new products, business models, revenue, and profits. My titles have varied: sales, founder, CEO, president, and SVP Sales to name a few.

In general, I have been involved with rapidly growing technology-focused businesses from start-up stage through Fortune 500 environments. Business models included, SaaS, Internet and Web 2.0, professional services, staffing and crowd sourcing.

I’ve invested and built my own companies and the companies of others. Over the last ten years I have “actively” advised or started more than 10 early stage or expansion stage companies ($10M in revenue) – often bringing in the first $200,000 in revenues (challenge) in early stage start-ups.

Current Passion

I am passionate about customer acquisition strategies, business development, new business models and revenue growth strategies. Today this passion has me involved with:
•    Transforming the “traditional sales model” into a “modern sales” organizations (some call this Sales 2.0)
•    Assessments of sales and marketing organizations and their effectiveness
•    Social Sales strategies and execution
•    Sales Intelligence
•    Inbound Marketing
•    Sales and Marketing Alignment
•    Digital Marketing and Social Media based customer acquisition

The above trends are disrupting the way businesses acquire and keep customers, and ultimately how a business can effectively and profitably grow.

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